A player of the game got in contact and provided me with a later client (2.03.00) to what I was using for the project (2.00.03). Some packets were changed and the new client required an additional 2 packets to login. 0x1500 and 0x1600. The data in the response 0x1580 packet places an icon above the players handle while in game and 0x1680 populates the icons that you can assign using Ctrl+1-0. This feature is new.

The graphics are slightly different and the icon set using Ctrl+1-0 is visible on the HUD. Additional Garages are purchasable also. And this data is what had changed in the initial login packet 0x0182. Setting optional values unlock the additional garages and the 2nd optional value dictates the image displayed in your garage.

The new client also has a time attack course which works without too much feedback from the server.

The Data menu while in safemode has changed to contain rival information. Which is madatory otherwise the client will crash. Which helped me reverse the 0x0C81 packet which contains the rival states; Not raced, Won, Lost.

The new client also appears not to crash as much as the old one.


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